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Inetlab.MMS.MM7 as the name clearly states is a .NET library for sending and receiving MMS messages via MM7 protocol. The library is designed to transfer multiple MMS messages from an MMSC (Multimedia Messaging Service Center) to Value-Added Service applications and back from applications to MMSC via Internet HTTP transfer protocol.

With Inetlab.MMS.MM7 library adding advanced MMS sending capabilities to your .NET application doesn’t require learning protocols from you. It provides a range of classes and functions ready to be built into your own product, which provide both basic and advanced MMS capabilities. Fast MMS sending via HTTP, an ability to extract and store text, audio and video information from a message, easy loading and sending MMS messages from a SMIL file. All of these are easily implemented via Inetlab.MMS.MM7 with little or no efforts at all.

The library includes a standalone HTTP server that allows receiving MMS messages from an MMSC. Additionally, you can use ASP.NET Http Handler to fully utilize the capabilities of an IIS server.

Inetlab.MMS.MM7 features: