SMPP Client Unexpected Response ERROR 4097

Smpp v3.4 client

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SMPP Client Unexpected Response ERROR 4097

Post by Cogito » Thu Apr 07, 2011 5:03 am

I always get the log below while SMPP Binding :

10:43:11 AM: Binding SmppClient for SystemId: mysystemid
10:43:11 AM: Bad status returned during Bind : BindTransceiverResp with status SMPPCLIENT_UNEXPRESP
10:43:11 AM: SmppClient connected
10:43:11 AM: Sending Data: 000000260000000900000000293cd03c393935396379626500656e7439393539000034000000
10:43:11 AM: Received Data: 1503010002020a
10:43:11 AM: SmppClient disconnected

What is this mean? And how to solve this problem?